33 Days of Fright Night: Bloodshed Deathbath Productions Double Feature


As I participated in Denver’s annual Zombie Crawl, I passed a booth advertising movies for sale and try-outs for a horror film. Not caring whether I got the part or not but only wanting to participate in anything and everything ghoulish, I did a video screen test of eating a bucket of gore and telling the camera that “I hate wizards!”

When it was done I struck up a conversation with the director. His company seems to specialize in low budget short horror films. A true gem every time! So I picked up two of their films. Watching them both in a mini-marathon I decided to share them with you folks.

Motel London

A group of friends break down outside of a run down old motel. None of them brought their cell phones so they decide to go and ask to use the one in the motel. One by one some kind of demonic hillbilly wielding a magic enchantment that causes their faces to melt off picks them off. Meanwhile an online gamer is watching the events take place on his screen thinking it is a game. Complaining that the whole thing is stupid, he takes it out and is confronted by the demonic motel owner who melts his face. Now, if the film had tried to make itself full length it may not have worked. However for a short film it was a lot of fun to watch. It had a creepy score and pretty good special effects. What was most fun about it was how stylistic it was shot. Scratchy and vintage looking with a number of wonderful filters, it reminded me of a music video. What it lacked in any plot (which the film itself admitted to) it more than made up for in atmosphere. I recommend to anyone making a little Halloween film marathon.


A girl wakes up in a red room full of creepy photos of a dolls head with seemingly no idea how she got there. Meanwhile someone drags an axe through the mist outside. The girl begins to explore her surroundings and the place is full of red light and weird objects. Then she sees the axe wielding girl and runs (Up the stares like any good horror victim. The axe-wielding girl kills someone else as the trapped girl hides. She discovers a book filled with manic scribbling of the word RED. The axe wielder continues to kill unseen victims. Our hooded axe girl stalks about, playing with bones and gore. The first girl lays back down as our axe girl finds her in the house. Ok, it doesn’t sound like much but I thoroughly enjoyed it. And not just for my love of the macabre but that I actually found this one to be somewhat thought provoking. The way it is laid out is almost exactly how a nightmare plays out. It flows with a non-linear continuity and is full of what I could only see as a dreaming brains translation of subliminal imagery. Is the axe-wielding girl and our trapped girl actually the same person? Is this all just a nightmare? This one is very well done.

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