33 Days of Fright Night: Monster Squad


One hundred years ago, a magical amulet was used in an attempt to banish all evil from the Earth. In the words of the opening storyline, “They Blew It.” In the present day (the 80’s) the forces of evil once more converge to try to attain the amulet. And only the Monster Squad can stop them!

The movie was one of my favorites growing up because it is quite literally like the Goonies VS the Universal Monsters. Seriously almost everyone shows up here! Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, The Wolfman, The Creature From The Black Lagoon, The Brides, The Mummy are all here! If the Invisible Man and the Phantom of the Opera showed up it would be a full run!


When I mention the Goonies, the relation between them is classic. You have the group of best friends and social misfits that have their own club and decide to throw all caution to the wind and have an epic adventure. You have the goofy “fat kid”, the leader, the older brother figure, the girl sidekick, the younger siblings, the tall freakish unofficial member, and the villains chasing them.

It’s a really fun ride with the a-typical 80’s music montages and moments that actually manage to be really touching between the misunderstood creature and the kids. Trapdoors lead to rooms full of treasure and skeletons, lightning flashes everywhere, and there are enough great quotes in this film for it to be another Ghostbusters! “Wolfman’s got NARDS!!” Not to mention the great classic 80’s special effects and monster make-up. If you missed this one growing up, pick up the 2 disc anniversary issue and play it at your next 80’s costume party!

Produced by Home Box Office
Directed by Fred Dekker

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