33 Days of Fright Night: Night of the Living Dead (LIVE)


I’ll do anything creepy or spooky or horror oriented for October. Rare is it however that the many activities I may take part in are stage oriented. Oh there are a few great horror plays out there but they are few and far between and rare to come across. Tonight however I was treated to a wonderful performance put on by The Bug Theater in Denver, CO.


A live multimedia performance of the original Night of the Living Dead. This clever and hysterically funny production is a must for fans of the original film as well as for anyone that has never seen the movie. First of all it was deliberately light-hearted and a parody of the original. Deliberate cheese and overacting, mixed with new scenes, slightly altered plot line and multiple grainy black and white film segments made the whole thing a joy. There were a lot of fan jokes cleverly tucked into the production and they even managed to pull off some excellent gore scenes. I challenge you to find another stage show that has live intestinal gorging! OK, there is Evil Dead, but they put that on last year! There was even a discount for anyone that showed up as a zombie. This was a well produced, highly amusing and wonderful show. XXX ZOMBIEBOY XXX Approved!




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