33 Days of Fright Night: Cannibal Flesh Riot


One Dragon*Con in the past I was haunting the Ghoultown merch table when the bass player pointed out something they were selling. A limited edition release DVD by Gris Grimly. I had never heard of it before, but the name Cannibal Flesh Riot immediately caught my attention! Ghoultown had apparently contributed a song to the soundtrack. And what a package! The DVD included the soundtrack, awesome packaging, a bunch of stickers, and the band was more than happy to sign it. So I picked it up and being the fanboy whore I am, I found other musicians and even Gris Grimly himself to sign it. That Halloween, I decided to give it a shot. And this short film has been in maximum rotation ever since 2007!

The film follows the conversations of Stash and Hub, two ghouls lurking through a typical B-film misty graveyard in search of fresh dead cadaver to naw upon. The first thing that catches the eye is the heavy contrasted black and white look of the film. Deliberately silent era looking with flickering lighting, scratches and thick with film grain. It is immediately a joy to watch. Then there is the deliberate low budget look of the film. Some scenes are shot in jumpy stop motion and props are made of tin foil and clay. It’s absolutely beautiful. The whole thing is atmospheric as hell, with wonderful fog machine graveyard mist, constant creepy winds, and jaunty expressionistic graves. Fake bats fly through several scenes! I mean it’s just too much fun!

Stash and Hub look like a couple of undead psychobilly rockers out for a gory snack. They are immediately likeable and fun to watch as they argue back and forth about the proper preparations of dead bodies for consumption. Some of their dialogue is nearly Tarantino in its everyday conversations with far from normal characters. Stash is a jittery sneering skinny ghoul who tries to teach his hunchback cohort Hub better ways to enjoy their meals.

“Take dinner for example. You got long John Jones on your counter. Sure, you can dive right in. Slap your lips around the dead flesh. It’s good… It’s satisfying… It’ll get your through the night. But picture this. Choice cut. Take it from the ass. Blackening. A little pepper served on a bed of lightly salted intestine. Chase it down with a glass of chilled plasma. Maybe a little glazed liver for desert. Bon appetite!”

The soundtrack that comes with the DVD is a must for any horror punk and psychobilly aficionado! Featuring such acts as Blitzkid, Hola Ghost, and the aforementioned Ghoultown, it is a cover-to-cover ghoulishly good time!

Then there is Gris Grimly in his Masterpiece Theater intro, which joyfully makes fun of its own seriousness. Honestly, there is nothing about this film that isn’t funny, atmospheric, and wonderfully creepy and overdone. It is a wonderfully fun film that I Zombieboy personally recommend it to anyone that stocks up on Halloween decorations and knows all the words to every Misfits song ever written!

Director: Gris Grimly

Release Date: 2007

Released by: Mad Creator Productions

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