DragonCon 2019 Recap

Recapturing the memories, hallway costumes, and miscellaneous events from DragonCon 2019. [Photos taken by AGGN photographer, James “FrameShot” Garner] DragonCon 2019 Recap 130 Photos

DragonCon returns Sept 2nd-6th, 2021

As the vaccines make personal interactions safer, many in-person conventions are returning in 2021. DragonCon will be held September 2nd through 6th this year. For details, please see DragonCon’s website at Please be sure to be fully vaccinated against COVID prior…

MomoCon 2019 – Noise Complaint

Bringing what may very well the geekiest the show to life, Noise Complaint had returned to last year’s MomoCon with their show combining tap dance, animation, and popular culture. [Photos taken by AGGN photographer, James “FrameShot” Garner] MomoCon 2019…

Dragon Con 2019 Parade

Thousands crowded the streets of Atlanta to see Dragon Con on display at the convention’s 2019 parade. [Photos taken by AGGN photographer, James “FrameShot” Garner] Dragon Con 2019 Parade 510 Photos