AnachroCon 2017

It was groovy time when AnachroCon – the Atlanta-based time travel and steampunk convention – transported its attendees from 2017 to the 1960’s. [Photos taken by AGGN photographer, James “FrameShot” Garner] AnachroCon 2017 171 Photos

Dragon*Con 2016 – Vogue Vintage Fashion Show

Whether historical in nature or from history “with a twist”, the Vogue Vintage Fashion at Draon*Con 2016 featured costumes from historical, alternate history, steampunk, and popular culture. [Photos taken by AGGN photographer, James “FrameShot” Garner] Dragon*Con 2016 – Vogue Vintage…

Abby Leathers – Constantine

All Hallow’s Eve… when the veil between worlds is at its thinnest, Abby Leathers dons the garb of John Constantine from the Hellblazer and patrols Atlanta’s Oakland Cemetery in an effort to protect the mortal world from supernatural forces… and save…