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Dragon Con 2019 Parade

Thousands crowded the streets of Atlanta to see Dragon Con on display at the convention’s 2019 parade. [Photos taken by AGGN photographer, James “FrameShot” Garner] Dragon Con 2019 Parade 510 Photos

Dragon Con 2018 Recap

Featuring pictures of the miscellaneous events and incredible hallway costumes from Dragon Con 2018. [Photos taken by AGGN photographer, James “FrameShot” Garner] Dragon Con 2018 Recap 780 Photos

MomoCon 2019 – Closet Costume Contest

Featuring costumes made with components that are off-the-shelf – or from out the closet – MomoCon’s Closet Costume Contest gives cosplayers with either less costuming experience, or with less time, the opportunity to showcase their fandom. [Photos taken by AGGN…

Witcher Photoshoot at Dragon Fire Events

Witcher cosplayers gathered together at the Dragon Fire Events venue in north Georgia for a special photoshoot with AGGN. Geralt of Rivia: Jesse Trotter Yennefer: Jessica Scott Triss Merigold: Madeline Nagel Anna Henrietta: Brieanne Withrow Witcher in Training: Thomas Scott…