Video Games

Southern Fried Gaming Expo 2019

In celebration of gaming in all forms, the Southern Fried Gaming Expo returned to Atlanta in July 2019 with video arcade games, pinball machines, console and pc gaming, and table-top games. [Photos taken by AGGN photographer, James “FrameShot” Garner] Southern…

Dragon Con 2019 Parade

Thousands crowded the streets of Atlanta to see Dragon Con on display at the convention’s 2019 parade. [Photos taken by AGGN photographer, James “FrameShot” Garner] Dragon Con 2019 Parade 510 Photos

Dragon Con 2018 Recap

Featuring pictures of the miscellaneous events and incredible hallway costumes from Dragon Con 2018. [Photos taken by AGGN photographer, James “FrameShot” Garner] Dragon Con 2018 Recap 780 Photos

MomoCon 2019 – Closet Costume Contest

Featuring costumes made with components that are off-the-shelf – or from out the closet – MomoCon’s Closet Costume Contest gives cosplayers with either less costuming experience, or with less time, the opportunity to showcase their fandom. [Photos taken by AGGN…

Witcher Photoshoot at Dragon Fire Events

Witcher cosplayers gathered together at the Dragon Fire Events venue in north Georgia for a special photoshoot with AGGN. Geralt of Rivia: Jesse Trotter Yennefer: Jessica Scott Triss Merigold: Madeline Nagel Anna Henrietta: Brieanne Withrow Witcher in Training: Thomas Scott…