Cos-Losseum Cosplay Con – Atlanta 2017

With cosplay being such a large part of science fiction conventions, a convention dedicated to cosplay seems to be an inevitable event. Cos-Losseum Cosplay Con started by the Cosplay Initiate Team in 2016 with two goals: to provide a positive environment in support of the cosplay community, and to raise money for charity. The convention is held in different cities – currently it will switch between cities each year. In 2016, the convention started in San Diego. In July 2017, the convention moved to Atlanta. Cos-Losseum will return to San Diego in 2018 and then back to Atlanta in 2019. At the Atlanta convention, members of the Cosplay Initiate Team stated that their goal is for the convention staff to grow large enough to hold the convention in multiple cities each year.

The Atlanta Cos-Losseum Cosplay Con started as many first-year conventions do. Held at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel, it was a fairly small, intimate affair, with three panel rooms, a dealer’s with multiple vendor selling cosplay-related goods, and a gaming room with an impressive selection of table-top games.  Many of the panels, of course, were related to cosplay and cospalyers. Sponsors brought video gaming opportunities and photography backdrops for attendees. The convention also had minor issues typical of other first-year conventions, and the friendly staff did a good job working through any problems. Two things made Cos-Losseum stand out were the attendees raising money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation and all of the excellent cosplayers. The cosplay at the convention was par with many of the larger conventions in the Southeast. Overall, Cos-Losseum attendees thoroughly enjoyed themselves are looking forward to the convention’s return to Atlanta in 2019.

[Photos taken by AGGN photographer, James “FrameShot” Garner]

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