Mask, Vaccination, and Testing requirements for DragonCon 2021

With the COVID Delta variant spreading like wildfire through the un-vaccinated population, DragonCon has taken important steps to protect this year’s attendees for the in-person convention.

  1. All convention attendees will be required to wear a mask that covers the mouth and nose in convention areas (unless eating or drinking.)  Masks should follow CDC guidelines for reducing the transmission of the Corona virus. Those attendees who cannot mask for medical or religious reasons will be asked to provide documentation to DragonCon’s Disability Services.
  2. All convention attendees will be required to show proof of full vaccination or that they tested negative for COVID within the previous 72 hours in order to receive their convention badges. The proof of vaccination can be provided via photocopy rather than bringing the original vaccination card. Rapid testing for COVID will be available onsite through a third party for a fee.
  3. DragonCon will be limiting the number of attendees to the in-person convention to roughly half that of the 2019 convention.  Additionally, the conventions won’t sell any one-day passes for Saturday (traditionally DragonCon’s busiest day,) and only people with DragonCon memberships will be allowed to watch the DragonCon parade in person.
Please note that Atlanta’s CW69 station will broadcast the DragonCon parade the morning of Saturday, Sept. 4th.  Also, the parade and many virtual events for DragonCon will air on DragonCon TV’s YouTube channel:
For more information regarding the above announcements and this year’s DragonCon in general, please see the Updates page on DragonCon’s website and read the FAQ at the bottom of that page:
Many questions regarding this year’s DragonCon were answered on episode 0 of DragonCon 2021’s “The Late Show”, which is available of DCTV’s YouTube channel:

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