South Park: The Stick Of Truth

South ParkWith trashy humor, foul mouthed children, and an intriguing story, what else could a South Park fan ask for. I picked this game up, being a long time fan of the show, and was surprised at just how well done this game actually was. This came as a surprise because of how awful the past South Park games have been.

Con Nooga: Through The Looking Glass

ConNooga_20140221_0067Recently AGGN was invited to a relatively young convention in Tennessee named Con Nooga. This year marked the sixth Con Nooga. I had previously gone to the second year of the convention and was very eager to see how the convention had grown and changed. I had heard from the con’s staff that the attendance had grown over the last few years. Con attendance is expected to grow the older the con gets. In this case though it has appeared to have grown at an abnormal rate.What exactly makes this convention stand out and why has it grown as quickly as it has?