Doug Walker Interview Momocon 2014

Doug WalkerI was blessed at Momocon with the chance to interview Doug Walker. Doug Walker started his career working as an animator. One day he decided he wanted to create a comedic skit and post it online. Many of Doug’s web series feature Doug Walker looking back at the t.v. shows and movies that we watched growing up. Today these types of videos appear to be a dime a dozen but that is only because of people like Doug Walker and James Rolfe who laid the ground work for everyone else.

Kaiju Week: Godzilla Final Wars (Destroy All Monsters 2)

To this day Godzilla has starred in thirty films, four tv shows, and twenty five video games. When Toho created the monster in 1954 they had no way to know that it would take the world by storm. Many critics and fans of the series cried out for a spiritual successor to Godzilla Destroy All Monsters. Destroy All Monsters had been revolutionary when it came out for allowing so many fan favorites to appear in one film. A lot of monsters had been created since the films release and the fans had waited patiently to see another monster royal rumble. Fans would have to wait until the 50th anniversary of the original film to see their desire fulfilled.

Kaiju Week: Godzilla VS. Biollante

     If there is one thing that goes without saying it is that each Godzilla film is a product of the decade in which it was made. The original film came out during an era where Japan was having to deal with the real life effects of atomic war. This fear lead to the creation of one of the most iconic giant monster films of all time. While in the U.S. Godzilla is viewed as a joke and something to parody by making fun of the poor dubbing. In Japan the films at times have been used as cautionary tails.

Haunted House

Upon crossing the creaking and forbidding threshold of the mansion I lit a match and my heart sank. The darkness ahead seemed to swallow the meager light of the match as the long corridor that stretched out before me disappeared. It was like staring into an abyss lying on its side.