Meeting Of The Mines (Con)vention

Normally I try to let you all know about good news within the geek community. Unfortunately this time I have to cover something rather serious. Since it is becoming more and more popular to be a geek we are going to see more people attempt to take advantage of us for their own game. A couple in Florida (Danielle Rojas and Kevin Roman) attempted to defraud a couple of hundred parents with a fake Minecraft convention. This was brought to my attention the day that it occurred by a friend of AGGN in Orlando.

The couple that organized the Meeting of the Mines convention made promises that they never could have followed through on. These same promises were what stuck out to me about their website.

Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow 2 (You don’t belong here monster!)

The recent release of Castlevania: Lords Of Shadows 2 received some of the worst reviews of any game in the franchise. Fans of the series and critics a like have come together in their hatred for the game, but what went wrong? The first Lords of Shadow game was well received and praised by some. What was different this time around? Drawing upon mechanics from God of War and Assassinā€™s Creed this game had the potential to be phenomenal. Sadly Mercury Steam didn’t understand why fans liked the other two franchises.