Blast From The Past: Breath Of Fire 2

breathoffire2_boxThe first game in my Blast From The Past series is going to be Capcom’s 1995 game for the Super Nintendo Breath of Fire 2. Coming from the success of the first game, Capcom decided to translate and localize the game themselves instead of asking Square Soft to do it. Was this a smart decision? Did this help the game or hurt the game? We will discuss these very questions as well as discuss some of the many game mechanics that were changed with the sequel. This game came out in the middle of the console’s lifespan and had a chance to learn from its predecessor. Will this game be an improvement or something that is best left forgotten? As always I will do my best to keep this review spoiler free for you. Like Gobi from Breath of Fire 1 it is now time for us to discover the value of this item we possess.

Duck Tales Remastered: Is It The Game We Remember?

ducktales_cover_largeGrowing up in the late 80’s and 90’s I looked forward to few things more than Saturday morning cartoons and cartoons after school. Disney produced some of the most iconic cartoons from that era. Some of the shows that Disney created

included hits such as: Dark Wing Duck, Gargoyles, Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers, and Duck Tales. These shows attempted to show us fun worlds where we were able to feel like we were we were able to feel like we were on an adventure with the characters on screen.

Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

shingeki_no_kyojin_manga_volume_1Normally when I write a review for an anime I will try and wait until the anime has finished it’s run. Attack On Titan has managed to take over the anime world by storm and can’t be ignored. I am going to try and keep this review as spoiler free

as possible. The anime takes places a hundred years after the destruction of human civilization. Humanity has walled themselves up away from the rest of the world in an attempt to survive.