As I am on a plane crossing the U.S. I have to make this one short. My review for this evening is not a full movie, but a short film that deserves recognition. Zombie In A Penguin Suit is exceptionally well done and actually manages to be strangely touching. The movie focuses on the wanderings of a zombie in a penguin suit quite literally. Our character awakens dazed and confused amidst the ensuing zombie apocalypse and begins hunting humans along with the hordes of others. As with many other well done zombie stories there is an underlying focus on the horrors of the living rather than the terrors of the dead. Driven home as our hero shambles through the post-apocalyptic landscape. The watcher is drawn in as our rotting corpse wanders and we find ourselves rooting for him as he escapes his second death time and again. I won’t reveal the end but it is tragic and perfect. The score is not haunting or scary but melodic and sad. Pulling us in closer to the hero. As for the acting and effects this is an exceptional little film. I originally watched it because I was in the mood for something ridiculous. I did not expect to be touched and moved by a film with such a title. And my hat is off to its creators!

Directed and Produced by Chris Russell


Music by Marc Mellits and performed by Real Quiet

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